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What if we could simplify even more the identification of a problem in software delivery processes?

July 21, 2022
By Marie-Eve Marcil
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Since we created Axify, our goal has always been to equip teams to better collaborate daily. All for the benefit of product success! Your feedback (much appreciated, by the way!) led us to question the visibility various metrics provide. Then we had an idea. 💡 What if we could make identifying a problem even simpler? 

For a Team Lead to set goals and track progress, they must first understand the situation. Thus was born the Summary page, Axify's newest landing page that will allow you to see the essential elements before entering in-depth analysis mode.

Team Morale

Provides a view of the most recent daily survey data so you can take action with your team faster.

DORA Metrics

Provides an overall snapshot of the health of your delivery process.


Presents essential items to look at based on their level of variation and context.

Summary page in Axify


This new page is now active for all our users. So you can check it out to get a better overview of your projects. Please get in touch with us if you're not yet an Axify user and want to shift into Axify gear!

And to continue to offer you features that meet your needs and reality, we need you! So from the Axify Summary page, you'll see a survey with two very simple questions that will help us improve the platform.

You will certainly have noticed the red button on the right of the screen that allows you to share your impressions with us anytime. You can also :

No matter how you prefer to give feedback, we are here to listen!

We help dev teams align their perceptions with reality for better development cycles.

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