Support product development decisions with more data

Beneath product features and milestones, there are people, processes and technical challenges. We help dev teams align their perceptions with reality for better development cycles along three axes: Human, Process and Technical. No more hidden problems and unspoken annoyances. Say goodbye to all the guesswork and hello to real-time metrics!

Human Axis

Keep a real-time pulse on the people behind the code

How do you ask your development team about their biggest issues? Water cooler conversations and ceremonies both have benefits, but anonymous feedback in a safe space isn’t one of them. And when everyone’s remote by default, there are even extra challenges. Axify lets you feel the room via an automated, trustworthy chatbot so you can bring everyone back to happy and productive.

Process Axis

Inspect and improve your engineering workflow

Every decision you make impacts delivery. The best development teams approach their internal processes just like their products – start lean, get feedback, iterate often. We monitor key agile metrics in your workflow to fast-track your interventions and help you better estimate your team’s capacity. And who doesn’t want a more predictable team?

Technical Axis

No more idle time or long delays between development stages

Code moves fast. But when there are too many drivers on the road, you risk getting stuck in traffic. We inspect every angle of your WIP to spot bottlenecks faster and reduce rework efforts. Deliver more value to your clients and accelerate your development pace by translating historical git data into straightforward insights. We want to help you build a better engineering culture!

Axify your team

Improve the visibility, stability and predictability of your team with an unbiased, low-friction way to keep a pulse on productivity.

Give feedback continuously. Find improvement opportunities. Contribute to building a better engineering culture.

Attract talent and keep teams happy. Understand what you don't with metrics on project health. Predict your software delivery iterations.

Get insight to prioritize your actions. Speak the same language as managers and higher-ups. Share the big picture with team members.

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Axify integrates seamlessly into your workflow

We’re building off tools everyone in your team is already using

Implementing Axify in your team takes less than 10 minutes. We rely on productivity applications you already use, like Jira, Slack and GitHub, to collect data based on our three axes.

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