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There are many drivers for better software delivery performance

Axify combines multiple data sources from tools you already use to provide complete software delivery intelligence to your development team.


DORA metrics dashboard

  • check-circle Ditch the spreadsheets for dashboards that give you all the visibility you need
  • check-circle Use DORA's four metrics to support better software delivery performance
  • check-circle Capture the impact of changes over time
  • check-circle Get consistent data for all your teams
  • check-circle Compare your teams' results with industry benchmarks
Dora metrics dashboard overview

Software delivery forecast

  • Answer the question "when will we deliver?" before you're asked
  • Automatically estimate future deliveries using our history-based algorithm and artificial intelligence
  • Quickly identify at-risk initiatives and proactively address issues before they arise
  • check-circle Be confident in your next delivery dates
Axify software delivery forecasting and estimation tool

Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

  • check-circle Identify your bottlenecks instantly
  • check-circle Break down your cycle times into phases and inspect your data in detail
  • check-circle Optimize your processes around the activities that generate value for your users
  • check-circle Make the value chain visible to you, your teams and your stakeholders
Overview of Axify's value stream mapping (VSM) in a software development context

Objectives and key results tracking

  • check-circle Support your team's continuous improvement objectives
  • check-circle Increase visibility on the achievement of your team's key results
  • check-circle Align your objectives with those of the company
  • check-circle Track the impact of your initiatives on progress towards objectives
  • check-circle Hold team members accountable for achieving objectives and performance
  • check-circle Create a healthier, more engaging and higher-performing engineering culture
Overview of Axify's tracking of objectives and key results for continuous improvement in software development

Software engineering metrics dashboard

  • check-circle Save time with integrations to tools your team is already using
  • Get metrics within minutes of getting Axify up and running
  • check-circle See quickly what you need to focus on first
  • check-circle Understand the purpose of different metrics with our information bubbles
  • check-circle Continuously improve your software delivery processes
  • check-circle Evaluate the results of your initiatives more quickly, such as adding team members or implementing new processes
Overview of Axify's software engineering KPI dashboards

Team well-being tracker

  • check-circle Check on the people behind the code
  • check-circle Observe the five pillars of healthy teams: resilience, motivation, inclusion, safety and alignment
  • check-circle Easily see where to act to have a greater impact on the team
  • check-circle Improve team health for higher productivity, better software delivery and more innovation
  • check-circle Increase job satisfaction, attract and retain talent
Overview of team well-being dashboards in Axify to measure resilience, motivation, inclusion, safety and alignment of the development team

Daily digest

  • check-circle Optimize your daily meetings to identify actionable items.
  • check-circle Keep your focus on the current iteration and remember all important items
  • check-circle Make faster progress towards delivery of items in progress
  • check-circle Identify high-risk items in your iteration and potential causes of delay
  • check-circle Encourage teamwork and collaboration during iteration
  • check-circle Discuss solutions to bottlenecks as a team
Overview of the Daily Digest in Axify, a daily tool for ceremonies, meetings and software development rituals.

Setting up Axify takes less than 10 minutes

Axify integrates seamlessly with how you work and the technology tools your team already uses. Data from your entire software development cycle is available in real-time minutes after setup. So long Excel and .csv files!


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