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Why Axify?

Your secret weapon for optimal software delivery

Axify gathers dispersed software development lifecycle (SDLC) data to provide engineering managers with valuable context on how their teams develop software and the overall impact of their performance.

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Axify for engineering managers

Improve efficiency, manage risk and deliver outstanding results with our all-in-one solution. 

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Our solutions

Streamlined software engineering management

With practical, intuitive features, Axify gives you total control over your technology projects, for outstanding results at every stage of the development process.


Smart forecasts for on-time software delivery

Plan your software deployments with confidence. Axify provides accurate estimates so you can plan deliveries with peace of mind and meet your deadlines.

Axify forecasting and estimation tool for software delivery

VSM for development teams

Improve your software delivery processes with strategic value stream mapping. Identify inefficiencies, boost productivity and transform your software delivery.
Overview of Axify's value stream mapping (VSM) in a software development context

Performance metrics and key indicators (KPIs)

See the evolution of your performance at a glance and implement initiatives that support the continuous improvement of your development teams. You can view results by team on the same project.
Aperçu du suivi des objectifs et résultats clés dans Axify pour l’amélioration continue en développement logiciel

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Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about Axify at a glance

Axify lets you ditch the Excel spreadsheets for a centralized platform that's updated in real-time with accurate data from the tools you're already using. You'll see inefficiencies and bottlenecks in your development process quickly and simply so you can deliver more value faster.

Axify enables engineering managers to identify inefficiencies and solutions to tackle them in every aspect of their projects, from resource allocation and process efficiency to delivery forecasts.

No! All your data is simply gathered from your tools.

Yes, your data is separated by project, and then you can view all project data or filter it by contributing team.

No two development teams are alike. Let's find out together if Axify is the right solution for you with a short discovery call. We've guided teams of many sizes, settings and industries toward the ideal configuration of their Axify space to equip them with data that works for them.

We're so passionate about software delivery performance that we've consulted all the research on the subject. Studies such as DORA (DevOps Research and Assessment) and the SPACE framework have shown that proactive observation is essential for predicting future software development performance. Software development performance also has a direct impact on organizational performance. Improving your software engineering means improving your business at every level!

Axify starts collecting data and presenting dashboards when your integrations are connected. The only exception is team morale, where we wait two weeks before generating the first report to ensure proper data representation and anonymity. Up to one year's data history is available from the first day of use.

It's very simple! First, we'll help you add your team (Axify users and the developers who will receive daily questions) to your organization. Then, we'll guide you through activating various integrations to begin synchronizing data. Once these two elements are in place, you can analyze and improve your processes.

You bet! We integrate customer support into all our plans via our help center or product specialists. Some plans also include a Slack channel dedicated to supporting your team.

Axify only stores the information necessary for its operations. More specifically, this includes a restricted subset of the information offered by the various integrations supported by Axify, such as the title and change history of a Jira item or Azure DevOps work item, the description and list of commits for pull requests, the date of a deployment, or the responses to team morale surveys. Axify does not retain any source code.

No, we can't. Our analysis and calculations use pull request metadata only. You have complete control over the permissions you grant us at all times.

All data is encrypted at transfer (TLS) and at rest. All databases are independently encrypted.

Yes! Try Axify free for 14 days. Access all features and integrations. Get support from our team to get you off to a great start. See improvements before you even choose your plan!

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