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Advanced analytics for software development

Measure, analyze and optimize the performance of your development team with our software engineering metrics tracking tools.

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Optimizing software delivery performance

Use Axify to measure and improve the quality and efficiency of your software development.

Solutions for tracking software engineering metrics in Axify
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Visualize your software delivery performance

See how our metrics tracking tool helps you maximize the efficiency of your software development.


The power of DORA metrics

  • Allows real-time monitoring of the four DORA metrics in dashboards.
  • Leads development teams to greater agility and predictability and helps them deliver higher-quality software products.
  • check-circle Helps development teams improve efficiency, increase reliability and accelerate software delivery.
  • check-circle Enables teams to compare their performance with industry benchmarks, past performance, and other teams in the same organization.
Overview of DORA metrics in Axify dashboards, including deployment frequency, lead time for changes, change failure rate and time to restore service

Software delivery performance analysis

  • Track a wide range of metrics essential to software development, including code quality, operational efficiency and bug resolution times.
  • check-circle Access real-time information to track your team's progress, make data-driven decisions and seize opportunities for improvement.
  • check-circle Essential information to help you interpret variations, observe improvements, see the impact of your actions and quickly establish links between metrics.
  • Use your historical data to identify and understand trends, enabling you to develop improvement strategies for the future.
Overview of Axify's software engineering KPI dashboards

Keeping a close eye on development team morale

  • Ask your team members questions automatically and anonymously.
  • check-circle Provides detailed analytics on levels of stress, motivation, inclusion, psychological safety, and alignment, with questions designed for development teams.
  • check-circle Measure the impact of wellness initiatives on productivity, talent retention and team satisfaction with key performance indicators.
Overview of team well-being dashboards in Axify to measure resilience, motivation, inclusion, safety and alignment of the development team

Objective tracking for development teams

  • check-circle Simplifies the use of metrics
  • check-circle Allow your team to inspect themselves using historical results or benchmarks.
  • check-circle Start measuring your progress toward goals and track it in real time.
  • check-circle To get the full picture, you can add other data, such as an NPS score or the number of users of your application.
Overview of Axify's tracking of objectives and key results for continuous improvement in software development

VSM for development teams

  • check-circle Presents the entire software development process, from planning to post-development activities.
  • check-circle Immediately identifies and resolves delays, bottlenecks and inefficiencies.
  • check-circle Automatically highlights areas of value loss in the software development process.
  • check-circle Historical data and industry benchmarks are used to suggest improvements, optimize development and increase efficiency.
Overview of Axify's value stream mapping (VSM) in a software development context

Meeting assistant for development teams

  • check-circle Makes sense of software delivery metrics and eliminates distractions to help you make better decisions about your day-to-day work.
  • check-circle Improve your workflow by identifying high-risk items and bottlenecks.
  • check-circle Optimize team discussions and plan your tasks around real priorities.
Overview of the Daily Digest in Axify, a daily tool for your ceremonies, meetings, and software development rituals.

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We’ve been using Untitled to kick start every new project and can’t imagine working without it.

Amélie Laurent
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Financial Services

We’ve been using Untitled to kick start every new project and can’t imagine working without it.

Amélie Laurent
Product Manager, Sisyphus

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about tracking software engineering metrics with Axify.

Yes, our forecasting tool is designed to integrate easily with most project management platforms, enhancing your current systems with powerful predictive capabilities.

No! All your data is simply gathered from your tools.

DORA metrics (deployment frequency, lead time for change, change failure rate, and time to restore service) are key performance indicators that measure the efficiency of software development and operation processes. They help organizations improve their practices by improving the speed and quality of software deliveries.

Axify automates data collection and analysis associated with DORA metrics, providing real-time visualizations and actionable insights. It helps teams track performance, identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions based on data.

Axify collects, analyzes, and displays key performance indicators linked to software development processes. It helps teams monitor efficiency, quality, and productivity in real time, enabling them to make more informed decisions.

By providing visibility into key metrics such as code quality, deployment frequency and team productivity, Axify helps identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement, streamlining workflows and improving overall project efficiency.

Axify tracks a variety of metrics, including, but not limited to, DORA metrics, throughput, cycle time breakdown, pull request size, work in progress (WIP), service level expectation, workflow stability, and many other indicators essential to assessing the health and progress of software projects.

Our innovative platform is designed to help managers monitor and improve the well-being of their development team. It measures various aspects of team morale, such as stress, motivation, inclusion, psychological safety and alignment.

Axify uses daily surveys with a simple question to answer on a scale of 1 to 5. The questions change daily and are randomly selected from around 30 questions that target the different dimensions of team morale (stress, motivation, inclusion, psychological safety, and alignment). This data is then analyzed to identify trends and potential problems. Managers can subsequently take appropriate action to address these issues and foster a healthier work environment.

A goal tracking tool helps software development teams define clear, measurable objectives to drive their projects forward. It enables precise progress tracking and alignment of efforts, resulting in improved productivity and relevant development.

Axify is designed to integrate easily with leading development platforms such as GitHub, Jira and Slack, allowing you to track your goals without disrupting your current workflows.

Value Stream Mapping is a Lean management method for visualizing and analyzing the stages of a software project from start to finish. It helps identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies to improve performance.

Axify provides clear visualizations of your development process, revealing inefficiencies and areas for improvement. By identifying these elements, teams can optimize work processes, reduce cycle times and improve overall productivity.

Unlike traditional project management tools that focus on tracking and reporting, Axify specializes in predictive analysis. It offers advanced forecasts that help to preemptively manage potential delays and optimize software delivery processes.

The tool provides accurate forecasts of project delivery dates, helping teams manage their schedules and resources more effectively, reduce delays, and better align projects with corporate objectives.

We've designed Axify to be easy to use, with intuitive dashboards and simple configurations. We offer full technical and customer support to ensure the tool's successful adoption.

Yes, Axify is designed to track and forecast the timescales of multiple projects simultaneously, giving you an overview of your development chain and improving strategic planning. Each team has access to its personalized forecasts based on its history.

Absolutely. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, Axify adapts to your project's specific needs and the size of your team, providing customized information to help each team stay on track.

No two development teams are alike. Let's find out together if Axify is the right solution for you with a short discovery call. We've guided teams of many sizes, settings and industries toward the ideal configuration of their Axify space to equip them with data that works for them.

Axify starts collecting data and presenting dashboards when your integrations are connected. The only exception is team morale, where we wait two weeks before generating the first report to ensure proper data representation and anonymity. Up to one year's data history is available from the first day of use.

It's very simple! First, we'll help you add your team (Axify users and the developers who will receive daily questions) to your organization. Then, we'll guide you through activating various integrations to begin synchronizing data. Once these two elements are in place, you can analyze and improve your processes.

You bet! We integrate customer support into all our plans via our help center or product specialists. Some plans also include a Slack channel dedicated to supporting your team.

Axify only stores the information necessary for its operations. More specifically, this includes a restricted subset of the information offered by the various integrations supported by Axify, such as the title and change history of a Jira item or Azure DevOps work item, the description and list of commits for pull requests, the date of a deployment, or the responses to team morale surveys. Axify does not retain any source code.

Yes! Try Axify free for 14 days. Access all features and integrations. Get support from our team to get you off to a great start. See improvements before you even choose your plan!

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