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Axify provides software delivery intelligence to your development team to guide them towards elite performance. Improve your software delivery processes to deliver continuously and add value to your product sustainably!


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Some of our features


Analytics for software delivery performance indicators

Track all the key performance indicators you need to deliver your features faster in one place. Save time with our integrations and give more visibility to the whole team!


DORA Metrics at a glance

Based on the latest research from the Google team, DORA metrics predict better delivery performance for better organizational performance. In addition, they allow you to observe the throughput and stability of your development teams with key indicators like deployment frequency!


Daily impact on your ceremonies

Start the day off right with our Daily tool! Observe the work in progress and identify at-risk items in your work sequence. Axify targets critical tasks to be discussed as a team, allowing you to work on the items that bring the most value to your day.


Creating and monitoring objectives

In the spirit of OKRs (Objective and Key Results), set inspiring objectives and target key performance indicators to track their evolution. You can also add custom metrics, such as an NPS score, number of users or any other indicator that allows you to measure your results. Axify supports you in continuous improvement!

Integrates seamlessly into your workflow

We’re building off tools everyone in your team already uses, so setting up Axify takes less than 10 minutes.

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If any of this sounds familiar, then you need Axify

We always feel rushed at the end of the iteration

We tend to work in silos rather than collaborate towards a common goal

We feel like we never deliver enough value despite a high WIP

► We are unable to estimate reliable delivery dates

Our meetings are unstructured and offer little value, especially the daily

► Our workload does not allow us to implement best practices or innovate

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"Axify is used in our IT department and throughout the organization to store and manage unlimited information related to projects and reports. It is very easy to use if you have experience with Agile processes, we also use it to manage work or processes in sprint to improve planning. It is a low cost but efficient platform, it allows you to monitor processes or the status of a sprint at a glance, it offers 100% detailed automatic reports. It is secure, reliable, and supports agile development principles effectively."

Engineer in Information Technology
Computer Software Company, 501-1000 employees


"Axify has allowed us to quickly identify opportunities for our team because, with the software, we can easily, at a glance, observe where an intervention is most urgent."

Bruno C. Coulombe, Scrum Master

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So what about you?

Our Product Specialists look forward to meeting you. Let us show you how Axify can help your development team collaborate to build a better software engineering culture.

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How does Axify works?

Axify allows you to deliver more value by reducing barriers to your workflow and improve collaboration between team members by identifying items for discussion.

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