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High performance Software Development teams

Axify helps accelerate software development delivery. Highlight the metrics needed to improve the alignment of software teams with business objectives.
Increase visibility, ship better and deliver faster!

Take decisions based on data instead of feelings

Beneath features and project management: understand the true development cycles, the hidden problems, and the unspoken misalignments. Continuous integration, continuous deployment, and now… continuous measurements.

We make it happen through our unique approach, based on 3 of your Dev Axis:

  • Team Axis
  • Process Axis
  • Technical Axis

Collaborative Teams Build Better Dev

Team Axis

Automating feedback loops from your Teams provides more acurate, unbiased data about the actual team morale. Axify asks anonymized DevOps core value questions to each team member, via an automated trustworthy chatbot.

Highlight your Team Achievements

Process Axis

Your decisions have an impact on your delivery. We monitor the key metrics of your workflow and delivery, revealing your critical areas of intervention. You can review the impact of your actions in real time. Discover patterns impacting team productivity. Log key events on a timeline. Get personalized recommendations to improve your delivery process.

Inspect and Elevate Software Quality

Technical Axis

Code moves fast, and we inspect every angle to spot bottlenecks faster. Continuously track your progression and your software quality. Maintain low technical debt to accelerate future development pace.

Our ecosystem

We’re building off tools everyone’s already using

We work with the best of breed tools in team productivity. Axify collects and fuses data points from these platforms to build insights based on our 3 axes. An ecosystem giving you measurable and actionable metrics, without reinventing the wheel.

Industry Standard

They scaled with us

Axify your Team

Improve performance and predictability in your software deliveries. Prioritize development efforts, team initiatives and help create a strong Dev team that attracts and keeps talent.

Scrum Master

Enable team productivity with relevant metrics

  • Give visibility to your management and your team
  • Get insights helping you prioritize next Dev priorities
  • Build a corporative memory in a timeline

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