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The Daily Digest, our tool to facilitate the daily, is offered to you free of charge regardless of the size of your team. Try it today! ►




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Integrations and metrics along our 3 axes

Integrations and key performance indicators along our 3 axes

Keep using your favourite tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Jira, Azure DevOps, GitHub, and GitLab to gather team morale, issue, and git metrics.

Daily Digest and dashboards

Daily Digest and dashboards

Start the day off right with Daily Digest! Use our tool to optimize your workflow daily and help your team close tasks quicker. Plus, get all the info you need with our real-time dashboards.

Forecasting tool

Forecasting tool

Use a proven algorithm based on your project's history to predict future delivery dates with a high level of confidence or estimate your team's capacity to deliver a number of items over a period of time.

24/7 Help Center

24/7 Help Center

Get full access to our knowledge base curated by our software delivery and engineering experts. We keep adding new content regularly to keep up with best practices in the industry!

Contact via email and chat

Contact via email and chat

Your success means the world to us. Our Product Specialists can help you get the best out of Axify, connect you to more resources, and update you on our roadmap.

new features and integrations

And that's not all!

As you read these lines, we're probably working on awesome new features and integrations. Visit our Help Center for our roadmap and regular updates!

Wondering what onboarding looks like?

Frequently asked questions

What does Axify do?

Axify is a single platform to observe all the metrics that will help you improve your development and delivery processes. Get all your data in one place, collected in real-time from tools you already use, presented on easy-to-read dashboards that inspire meaningful conversations to elevate teamwork and collaboration among developers. Address challenges as a team, find solutions together and create better software!

How long does it take to get results?

Axify starts gathering data and presenting dashboards as soon as your integrations are connected. The only exception is team morale, where we wait two weeks before generating the first report to ensure good data representation and anonymity.

How does onboarding work?

Rest assured, it's pretty easy. First, we'll help you add your team (both Axify users and developers who will receive daily surveys) to your organization. Then, we'll guide you in activating various integrations to begin data synchronization. Once these two components are in place, you're ready to analyze and improve your processes.

Do you provide customer support?

We sure do! We include customer support with all of our plans through our knowledge base or our Product Specialists. So write an email or open a chat to get started!

How long does the free trial last, and what are its limitations?

Each plan includes two free months. That's sixty days (and probably double the number of coffee cups) where you can use the full version of Axify for free. All integrations, all dashboards, all features. No limitations!

Are there any additional fees (or fine print) that I should know about?

None at all! What you see is what you get.

What information do you store?

We currently only persist responses to the team morale surveys and the scores of the various Axes. Axify's infrastructure uses mainly AWS services to manage and deploy its infrastructure. Amazon PaaS allows for robust IT security and flexibility in deployments. Microsoft Teams Bot is hosted on Azure. DNS are managed from CloudFlare. For more information, see our page on this subject.

What is your privacy policy?

You can find our complete Privacy Policy and Cookie Notice right here.

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"Axify is used in our IT department and throughout the organization to store and manage unlimited information related to projects and reports. It is very easy to use if you have experience with Agile processes, we also use it to manage work or processes in sprint to improve planning. It is a low cost but efficient platform, it allows you to monitor processes or the status of a sprint at a glance, it offers 100% detailed automatic reports. It is secure, reliable, and supports agile development principles effectively."

Engineer in Information Technology
Computer Software Company, 501-1000 employees


"Axify has allowed us to quickly identify opportunities for our team because, with the software, we can easily, at a glance, observe where an intervention is most urgent."

Bruno C. Coulombe, Scrum Master

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