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Meet the team behind Axify

Axify is a product of Nexapp, a Canada-based company from Quebec City that has been specializing in software development since 2014. Based on modern software development approaches, DORA's State of DevOps study and its own experiences with continuous improvement and delivery, Nexapp developed Axify.


About Axify


Simple software to improve software delivery


Self-financed and sustainable company


A start-up in the Nexapp ecosystem and its 75 employees


Developed in Quebec City, Canada


Jonathan Lessard président et co-fondateur d'axify

Jonathan Lessard
President and co-founder

linkedin jonathan lessard
pier-luc rodrigue vice-président et directeur général d'axify

Pier-Luc Rodrigue
Vice-President and Managing Director

linkedin pier-luc rodrigue
alexandre walsh vp ingénierie et co-fondateur axify

Alexandre Walsh
VP Engineering and co-founder

linkedin alexandre walsh
claudie gingras directrice culture et talents axify

Claudie Gingras
Director of Culture and Talent

linkedin claudie gingras
rafael van coppenolle directeur produit axify

Rafaël Van Coppenolle
Product Director

linkedin rafael van coppenolle
samuel bilodeau controleur financier axify

Samuel Bilodeau, CPA
Financial Controller

linkedin samuel bilodeau

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Our story


As a young company, Nexapp brought in a BDC consultant to help implement a management framework. With a system of red, yellow and green indicators, the management team monitors team morale, customer satisfaction, budget progress and service quality. Since the core of the business is software development, we measure ourselves at this level as well.


Rapid growth means that we are managing dozens of projects simultaneously. As a result, the team needs to improve visibility into project progress, delivery times, team well-being and product quality. The question is how to automatically obtain specific metrics in real-time to predict or react to problems faster.

A developer between projects is working on connecting to the Jira API, which we use at Nexapp to manage our clients' projects. The goal is to extract metadata! The management gives him complete freedom to do research and development and try out new technologies. Alexandre Walsh, our VP of Engineering, uses science and existing theories (such as Google's DORA study) to imagine the early stages of the concept behind Axify.



We decide to invest $400,000 in Axify and dedicate a full-time development team to the platform. This is how we accelerate feature development, look for ways to extract more data and create a chatbot to ask team members questions about their morale.

October 2020

We are officially starting the pivot from an internal product to a commercial SaaS! The feedback is positive when presenting demos and talking about Axify to industry colleagues. They confirm that the platform brings much value!


February 2021

As the platform reaches an exciting level of maturity, the team launches a program of pilot projects to test the product. The objective is to assess the product's value in various business contexts and team sizes, as well as with different work methods.

September 2021

The team is focusing on market needs and customer feedback to add features that will accelerate platform user adoption.


What's next?

We continue to talk to our users, follow market trends and observe the reaction to new features to develop the best platform for operational excellence in software development!

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