About Axify

Developed by a development team, for development teams

We developed Axify based on modern approaches to software development, DORA's State of DevOps study, our own experiences of continuous improvement and delivery, and the challenges facing software development teams.


The impact of improving your software delivery performance according to DORA's State of DevOps study 👇


faster lead time from commit to deploy


faster mean time to recover


more code deployments

Our story

A passion for software engineering best practices

Axify is a product of Nexapp, a Quebec City, Canada-based company that has been working in software development since 2014.

With rapid growth leading to the management of dozens of projects simultaneously, the team felt the need to improve visibility on:

  • project progress
  • delivery times
  • team well-being
  • product quality

The question is how to automatically obtain specific real-time metrics to predict or react to problems more quickly. After some research, we couldn't find what we were looking for on the market, so we decided to create it!

One of our developers, in a transitional phase between projects, took the initiative to explore a way to connect to the Jira API, with the goal of extracting metadata. Nexapp provided him with complete autonomy to research and develop. Alexandre Walsh, our VP of Engineering and now Product Manager, drew inspiration from scientific theories such as Google's DORA study to envision the early stages of the Axify concept.

In 2020, we made the official shift from an in-house product to a marketable platform. As we presented demos and engaged in discussions with industry colleagues about Axify, the response was overwhelmingly positive. They affirmed that the platform offers significant value! Guided by market needs and customer feedback, our team is diligently adding features that will empower development teams to expedite the delivery of software products.

What's next? We continue to:

  • talk to our users
  • monitor market trends
  • listen to our development teams at Nexapp
  • observe the reaction to new features

All to develop the best platform for operational excellence in software development.

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