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Goal-setting for development teams

Set goals that align your teams with business goals 

Measure your team's progress against corporate objectives with Axify's automated key results tracking system.

What does it look like?

Goal-driven development

Transform how your team sets and achieves goals with our objective and key results tracking tool. Designed for developers, it brings clarity, collaboration and performance boost to every project phase.

Overview of Axify's objectives and key results tracking for continuous improvement in software development
How does it work?

Rethinking software development objectives

Smart goals for technical teams.


Integrates with your favourite tools

Integrates seamlessly with project management software, automatically extracting data to increase the accuracy of the predictive model.

  • check-circle Integrations and webhooks for all the tools your team already uses
  • check-circle Up and running in just a few minutes
  • check-circle Historical project data upload

Set your goals

  • Choose the timeframe for achieving the objective and the metrics for measuring success
  • Define key results personalized to your team, which will become the benchmark against which to measure improvement.
Overview of Axify's objectives and key results tracking for continuous improvement in software development

Track your results

See at a glance the evolution of your performance indicators and implement initiatives that support the continuous improvement of your development team. Share successes with your team and stakeholders!

Overview of Axify's objectives and key results tracking for continuous improvement in software development

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about our objective and key result tracking tool.

A goal tracking tool helps software development teams define clear, measurable objectives to drive their projects forward. It enables precise progress tracking and alignment of efforts, resulting in improved productivity and relevant development.

Axify is designed to integrate easily with leading development platforms such as GitHub, Jira and Slack, allowing you to track your goals without disrupting your current workflows.

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Explicitly designed for software developers, Axify offers standard goal-tracking functionality and includes features tailored to the development process, such as integration with code repositories, real-time performance tracking, and automated progress trends.

Absolutely. Axify lets you tailor key results to the unique needs and objectives of different teams and projects within your organization for greater flexibility and relevance.

No! All your data is simply gathered from your tools.

No two development teams are alike. Let's find out together if Axify is the right solution for you with a short discovery call. We've guided teams of many sizes, settings and industries toward the ideal configuration of their Axify space to equip them with data that works for them.

Absolutely. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, Axify adapts to your project's specific needs and the size of your team, providing customized information to help each team stay on track.

Yes, Axify is designed to track and forecast the timescales of multiple projects simultaneously, giving you an overview of your development chain and improving strategic planning. Each team has access to its personalized forecasts based on its history.

Axify starts collecting data and presenting dashboards when your integrations are connected. The only exception is team morale, where we wait two weeks before generating the first report to ensure proper data representation and anonymity. Up to one year's data history is available from the first day of use.

It's very simple! First, we'll help you add your team (Axify users and the developers who will receive daily questions) to your organization. Then, we'll guide you through activating various integrations to begin synchronizing data. Once these two elements are in place, you can analyze and improve your processes.

You bet! We integrate customer support into all our plans via our help center or product specialists. Some plans also include a Slack channel dedicated to supporting your team.

Axify only stores the information necessary for its operations. More specifically, this includes a restricted subset of the information offered by the various integrations supported by Axify, such as the title and change history of a Jira item or Azure DevOps work item, the description and list of commits for pull requests, the date of a deployment, or the responses to team morale surveys. Axify does not retain any source code.

You can find our full privacy policy and notice on cookies by clicking here.

Yes! Try Axify free for 14 days. Access all features and integrations. Get support from our team to get you off to a great start. See improvements before you even choose your plan!

Absolutely! Our team is here to help you choose the right plan or adjust your current plan to suit your needs. Whether it's a change in the size of your team or the level of support you want, contact us to change your plan.

You can cancel your Axify plan at any time. Your account will remain active until your renewal date.

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