Project management and item tracking

Simplify project progress monitoring. Faster.

Axify imports your project management structure to provide an overview of your software development process. Optimize your workflows and deliver faster. 


Discover trends and bottlenecks in your delivery data from a centralized dashboard covering different teams and projects.

Azure DevOps

Integrate Azure DevOps with Axify for better visibility of project status and the efforts of your engineering team.

GitLab Issue

Integrate GitLab Issue with Axify to simplify project progress tracking, and get a clear overview of your development processes.

Software Configuration Management (SCM) and deployments

For in-depth source code management. Faster.

Axify imports your code review data to help you assess your team's level of collaboration and optimize development speed. For your deployments, you can select your staging and production environments.


Connect to GitHub to see metrics like cycle time distribution, code review size, change failure rate and other performance indicators.


Connect GitLab to get your development performance indicators in one place for all repositories, all teams and all projects. 

Azure DevOps

Axify integrates directly with Azure DevOps to easily collect data on your commits, code reviews, and other development activities.


Axify uses webhooks as an alternative to other integrations.

Incident data

Improve your incident response. Faster.

Simplify incident data collection by easily connecting your favourite tools for complete visibility and in-depth analysis of incident management across your team.

New Relic

Connect New Relic to Axify for centralized performance monitoring and a complete overview of your projects' health.


Axify uses webhooks as an alternative to other integrations.

Team well-being

Listen to the people behind the code. Faster.

Team members will receive a daily message inviting them to answer a short, simple question in a communication tool they already consult several times a day.

Microsoft Teams

Axify notifications allow team members to respond to Axify's daily survey when they respond to their colleagues.


Stay in the Microsoft suite to check on your team's morale with Axify's daily questions sent directly to each team member.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 All you need to know about Axify integrations

We offer a range of integrations with popular tools and platforms, including Jira, Azure DevOps, GitLab, GitHub, Microsoft Teams, Slack and many more, plus webhooks. These integrations are designed to simplify your workflow by enabling simple data synchronization between Axify and your favorite tools.

Custom webhooks add to our existing integrations, synchronizing your deployment data to feed DORA metrics and opening up data import possibilities. If you don't see the tools you're using above, just ask!

No! All your data is simply gathered from your tools.

Absolutely. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, Axify adapts to your project's specific needs and the size of your team, providing customized information to help each team stay on track.

No two development teams are alike. Let's find out together if Axify is the right solution for you with a short discovery call. We've guided teams of many sizes, settings and industries toward the ideal configuration of their Axify space to equip them with data that works for them.

It's very simple! First, we'll help you add your team (Axify users and the developers who will receive daily questions) to your organization. Then, we'll guide you through activating various integrations to begin synchronizing data. Once these two elements are in place, you can analyze and improve your processes.

You bet! We integrate customer support into all our plans via our help center or product specialists. Some plans also include a Slack channel dedicated to supporting your team.

Axify only stores the information necessary for its operations. More specifically, this includes a restricted subset of the information offered by the various integrations supported by Axify, such as the title and change history of a Jira item or Azure DevOps work item, the description and list of commits for pull requests, the date of a deployment, or the responses to team morale surveys. Axify does not retain any source code.

You can find our full privacy policy and notice on cookies by clicking here.

Yes! Try Axify free for 14 days. Access all features and integrations. Get support from our team to get you off to a great start. See improvements before you even choose your plan!

Absolutely! Our team is here to help you choose the right plan or adjust your current plan to suit your needs. Whether it's a change in the size of your team or the level of support you want, contact us to change your plan.

You can cancel your Axify plan at any time. Your account will remain active until your renewal date.

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