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Streamlining development processes and ceremonies with Axify

Learn how Equisoft uses Axify to deliver more value through more efficient dailies and an improved review process.

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Some background on Equisoft

Equisoft is a privately held, business-first technology company dedicated to helping insurance and wealth management organizations reach their goals. Since 1994, they’ve been on a mission to advance what digital can do for business solutions and processes to enable growth for their clients, partners, employees and communities.

Some background on Equisoft

Equisoft’s challenge

Deliver more value by finishing the work started and reducing the time spent on code review.


Axify’s solution

  • A tool to facilitate dailies that refocuses discussions on priorities
  • The creation of measurable objectives, with results displayed in real-time

A measured impact

The team observed a 20% decrease in time spent on code review within a few months of use.

tool to facilitate dailies ceremonies in Axify daily digest

Overview of the Daily Digest dashboard in Axify, our free tool to facilitate dailies available to all development teams

Stop starting new tasks to complete the work in progress

Since implementing Axify at Equisoft in May 2022, Toby, Team Lead, and his team have used the Technical Axis to inspect pull request activities and the Daily Digest to optimize this daily ceremony. They shared with us that the tool allows them to eliminate noise and focus on what matters: delivering a quality product.

They identified areas for improvement and had the right discussions to address these opportunities. In addition, they changed how they approached the daily to focus on the tasks closest to completion and improve the progress of the cards toward "Done". The result? More value is delivered to users daily, resulting in shorter time-to-market for features!


Axify tip

High WIP = productivity? Not quite! Limiting work in progress may seem counter-intuitive when a team has much on its plate. Still, it's a way to improve active collaboration on tasks, reduce wait times between different steps in your process, and achieve better delivery stability. On the other hand, a high WIP can be a symptom of an overworked development team that can't deliver tasks on time because too many competing tasks lead them to work in silos.

pull requests cycle time breakdown in axify

Reduce bottlenecks and cycle time

In 2021, Toby's team discussed the time spent by pull requests in the review stage. They want to reduce this time by 30% in 2022 while maintaining the same product quality. 

At this point, their pull requests spend 3 days and 20 hours in review. Through team discussion, they determine three initial steps to improve the review process: 

  • Break down pull requests into smaller pieces to motivate the team to review them.
  • Take advantage of the daily to identify the tasks to complete, the pull requests in progress, and the person responsible for reviewing them to merge them more quickly.
  • Set a time limit for reviewing pull requests. 

Through an iterative process, pull request review time was shortened to 2 days and 9 hours, a 20% improvement.


Objectifs EN_4x-1


"In the end, we didn't reach our goal of a 30% reduction, but it's a very satisfying result, especially considering that we've integrated new team members. This inspection allowed us to upgrade our processes, and we are maintaining these good practices."

- Toby Daigle, Team Lead, Equisoft

Simplify continuous improvement

According to Toby, Axify allowed his team to continuously improve through: 

  • Increased visibility into statistics brought in by charts from Jira and GitHub without having to extract the data, crunch the numbers or create custom charts.
  • Creating goals that display trends, making it clear if the team is on track for success.

"The secret is in the team's conversations based on that data. We have to work together if we want to achieve our goal."

- Toby, Team Lead, Equisoft


So what about you?

Our Product Specialists look forward to meeting you. Let us show you how Axify can help your development team collaborate to build a better software engineering culture.

How does Axify works?

Axify allows you to deliver more value by reducing barriers to your workflow and improve collaboration between team members by identifying items for discussion.

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