Nexapp named one of Canada’s Top Growing Companies

The company behind Axify, which contributes to improving the future of software engineering, is ranked 82nd among 430 Canadian companies.


September 23, 2022
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Montréal, September 23, 2022Nexapp announces its ranking in The Globe and Mail’s Canada’s Top Growing Companies, unveiled today. The Quebec-based company behind Axify, which contributes to improving the future of software engineering, is ranked 82nd among 430 Canadian companies.

Canada’s Top Growing Companies is a Globe and Mail editorial ranking celebrating the boldest entrepreneurial achievements. Based on the percentage of revenue growth over the past three years, the newspaper determines its annual ranking of eligible independent Canadian companies. Nexapp’s revenue growth is confirmed at 563%.

“We are extremely proud of this recognition, as we stand alongside inspiring and innovative Canadian companies,” says Jonathan Lessard, president and co-founder of Nexapp. “We believe that our corporate culture and shared values, such as collaboration, trust, professionalism and commitment, are the key ingredients to our success and will allow us to continue our expansion throughout Canada and the United States in the coming months.”

The complete list of 2022 winners is published in the October issue of Report on Business magazine and online here.

Nexapp, a Fast-growing Local Company

The mission of the Quebec City-based company is to raise the bar of quality in technology projects. Using benevolence, process optimization and advanced software engineering practices, Nexapp designs sustainable solutions to deliver value continuously and build impactful products.

Over 100 sustainable software development projects have been completed since the company was founded eight years ago. It has developed commercial and technological partnerships with companies such as Bim One, Optel, MedHelper and GPHY.

Today, the company employs over seventy people dedicated to improving the future of software engineering by providing tools to the teams involved. Currently focused on the insurance, financial, retail, entertainment, transportation and medical sectors in Quebec, the company is looking at revenues of $7 million for 2022, a 27% growth from $5.5 million in 2021.

Three Expertise for a Sustainable and Evolving Product

Nexapp favours a continuous delivery approach that provides constant product improvement and better responsiveness to users’ and clients’ needs and feedback. The company’s services are offered under three complementary software expertise categories: development, product strategy and design, which collaborate daily to prioritize and develop the most valuable iterations for the client and to deliver them to users as quickly as possible.

Nexapp’s software engineering expertise includes consulting, audit and diagnosis, prototyping and infrastructure, as well as progressive modernization and redesign, and full-stack development of mobile and web applications. Promoting discovery and collaboration, it offers co-creation and product visioning workshops, as well as prioritization and vertical task slicing, user research, user experience (UX) and interface design (UI), quality assurance (QA), accessibility, and information architecture, to name a few.

Axify, an Innovative Solution to Optimize Operational Excellence

Its drive to continuously deliver value and create products with significant impact led to the Axify platform, revealed in March 2022, which helps development teams optimize their delivery processes with employee well-being in mind. Initially created to address its own growth, Nexapp offers an avenue of solutions to address the shortage and scarcity of IT labour.

“By factoring team morale into its data, Axify can thus help build motivation and a sense of belonging among members and contribute to talent retention while preventing burnout and siloed work, important drivers of operational excellence,” explains Jonathan Lessard.

Building on existing theories and metrics, including DORA and the State of DevOps 2021 report, Axify fits into the Nexapp value ladder by aiming for improved overall efficiency through optimization of technical quality, production process and team morale.

About Nexapp

Nexapp was founded in 2014 by three software developers with a mission to raise the bar of quality in technology projects. By putting together caring for humans, process optimization, and software engineering best practices, Nexapp builds sustainable solutions and delivers products with great value. With a team of over seventy talents, Nexapp aims to improve the future of software engineering by equipping development teams. To do so, the team has developed Axify.


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