Giving meaning to development metrics with actionable highlights

A single platform to observe all the metrics that will help you improve your development and delivery processes.

axify simplifies the identification of software delivery problems
axify simplifies the identification of software delivery problems
axify simplifies the identification of software delivery problems

Meet Tim.

He's a wonderful Team Lead who's doing his best to help his development team achieve success, sprint after sprint. He used to look at data across multiple channels to determine how his team was doing. He wondered …

There must be a better way!

There sure is! Axify gathers data from all the tools you already use to present beautiful dashboards. So, Tim can ditch the spreadsheet, log into Axify, and access dozens of metrics on team morale, project execution and workflow efficiency in real-time.

Focus on what you do best.

We want Tim and others like him to identify problems sooner so their team can thrive. As a busy Team Lead, Engineering Manager or Scrum Master, you might lack time or energy to analyze multiple graphs. Tim also had some difficulty understanding key metrics and their variations' meaning.

We've got you, Tim.

We created one page to rule them all! Just kidding, but this is THE page to consult before diving into deep-analysis mode. No need to scroll or navigate. We'll generate key highlights for you to look at in priority, including :

  • The latest responses to the team morale surveys at a glance
  • Essential DORA metrics
  • The most significant variations in your team's metrics

Plus, tooltips help you interpret metrics more easily and quickly access all graph details!

Tim now saves multiple hours per week and works with his colleagues to improve team morale, software delivery and product quality. It's a win-win-win!

What Axify does for your team

Trustworthy morale chatbot

Automatically and anonymously ask team members industry-specific morale questions to quickly identify potential conflicts and foster vulnerability.

Daily impact in your workflow

Start the day off right with Daily Digest! Observe the state of your sprint at a glance and identify the most urgent tasks to discuss as a team.

Working with Kanban? No problem! Use our tool to optimize your workflow on a daily basis and help your team close tasks quicker.

Forecasting software delivery

We use a proven algorithm based on your project's historical data to predict future delivery dates with a high level of confidence.

3 axes promote better software delivery performance


Human Axis

Keep a daily pulse on the people behind the code. Integrates with Microsoft Teams and Slack.


Process Axis

Inspect and improve your engineering workflow. Integrates with Jira and Azure DevOps.


Technical Axis

No more idle time or long delays between development stages. Integrates with GitHub and GitLab.

Integrates seamlessly into your workflow

We’re building off tools everyone in your team already uses, so setting up Axify takes less than 10 minutes.

Axify integrations with slack jira teams azure devops github gitlab

All your data,
at a glance

Background section 4a-v2

DORA metrics

Among the DORA metrics, deployment frequency and lead time for changes measure velocity. Combined, these two metrics constitute your time-to-market (T2M) and allow you to estimate your ability to deliver value to your users continuously and sustainably.

dora metric deployment frequency in axify

Deployment frequency

We measure how often an organization successfully deploys to production. This is one of the most important metrics, as daily (i.e., smaller, continuous) deliveries make it easier to test, deploy, provide feedback, and roll back problems, in addition to increasing perceived value.

dora metric lead time for changes in axify

Lead time for changes

This is the time it takes to go from the first commit to successfully executed code in production. This metric also allows for assessing the efficiency of software development cycles and initiatives. It tends to lead to organizational, human and technical changes! It also provides predictability by estimating how quickly a request can be fulfilled, predicting deliveries and team capacity, and eliminating wasted time and bottlenecks.

Service level expectation

How predictable is your workflow?

Axify - Metric - Service level expectation@2x


How many issues do we deliver per sprint?

Axify - Metric - Througput@2x

Comments per review

How much feedback do your team members give to each other?

Axify - Metric - Comments per reviews@2x-1

Ongoing pull requests (WIP)

Are people working together to accomplish the same goal?

Axify - Metric - Ongoing pull request-Additionnal@2x

What about data security?

Your data is not persisted in Axify, and our team follows the best security practices in development. Find out what we do to keep your data secure.

Success stories with Axify

See how other development teams use Axify to improve their software delivery performance.

Decreasing delivery times and increasing predictability with Axify

Decreasing delivery times and increasing predictability with Axify

Optimizing processes and facilitating communication with Axify

Optimizing processes and facilitating communication with Axify

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